Formed in 2009 under the leadership of Fred Walden. The primary purpose is to be an advocate to target support for the citizens of the West Southern Pines Community.

Reestablished in 2018 the goal of the Southern Pines Land and Housing Trust will continue with the original vision with the goal to maintain community-based traditions but create opportunities for economic growth for the citizens of West Southern Pines and surrounding areas.

Southern Pines Land and Housing Trust Board Members

Vincent Gordon, Board Chair

Retired Army Lt. Colonel who for the last 11 years was facilities manager responsible for leasing, building out and managing all 400 real estate properties of the US Census Bureau across the US and Puerto Rico.

Fenton Wilkinson, Board Member/Project Manager

Represented significant real estate developers doing downtown Seattle developments as an attorney with an LLM in tax working for a large Seattle law firm.

Bill Ross, Board Member

Retired US Army, Retired Employee Moore County School System 

**Eugene Mason, Board Member

Retired US Navy, Former Adjutant, Rufus McLaughlin American Legion Post #177

**Oliver Hines, Board Member

Founder/CEO Citizens for Change

Tangella Upchurch, Board Member

Owner/Operator, Open Arms Daycare

**Renee Moody, Board Treasurer

Retired Insurance Executive

**Phyllis Jones, Board Member

Career Employee at Pinehurst Medical Clinic

Sherilla Horton, Board Member

Nora Bowman, Board Member

Career Banker and Finance Employee

Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier, Board Member

** These members represent the Class of 1969, the last graduating class of West Southern Pines High School which was the former West Southern Pines Primary School **

Southern Pines Land and Housing Trust is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and donations are tax deductible.



In 1923 West Southern Pines became one of the first incorporated African American towns in North Carolina. The town had its own mayor, city council, and municipal services. In 1931 the Town of Southern Pines wanted to own the water from McDeed’s Creek which was in the Town of West Southern Pines so they had the State Legislature revoke the West Southern Pines Town Charter and immediately annexed it into Southern Pines. The Southern Pines Town Council couldn’t say that wanting McDeeds Creek was the reason for the revocation, so they made up three reasons that are all suspect by today’s standards. One “good” reason was “Negroes are incapable of governing themselves”. (Look in A LITTLE HISTORY section to view the minutes from the 1931 Town Council meeting.)

When Southern Pines Land and Housing Trust was formed its primary mission was to assist those citizens in West Southern Pines in the following ways:

Prevent the deterioration of the community by providing educational, technical, and financial services to low and moderate income land and homeowners.

To acquire abandoned, foreclosed or vacant homes and properties to redevelop, rehabilitate those properties.   




1931 Town Council Meeting Minutes

February 10, 1931

The Southern Pines Board of Town Commissioners Minutes.

The document describes the cancellation of West Southern Pines's charter. 

Preservation and Legacy

Southern Pines Land & Housing Trust is achieving more with its community-based initiatives than ever before. The community directed plans for Southern Pines Primary School include a World-class Black Heritage Cultural Destination, educational and entrepreneurial opportunities, great ethnic food and community access for meetings and gatherings, exercise and enjoyment of the open space.

 Community support included local civic organizations as well as corporate organizations. 




Rosenwald schools were schools that were built between 1912 and 1932 by African American communities that received technical and financial assistance from Julius Rosenwald (mostly via the Rosenwald Fund), whose contribution in turn leveraged support from local school boards.  They constitute the most numerous and easily recognizable type of school built by African American communities during the segregation era.  

Learn more about Rosenwald Schools




A two year battle ended with the Moore County School approval of the sale of the former Southern Pines Primary School to the Southern Pines Land and Housing Trust. On December 15, 2021 the sale became final.



Blanchie Carter Discovery Park is a four acre outdoor play and learning environment.

In 1995, a group of parents decided that their children deserved more than a hot, dusty, barren, unsafe playground and initiated a process of transforming the area into an outdoor classroom where children could learn through play and investigation of living environments.



With this initiative, the goal is to promote great opportunities for the community. Southern Pines Land and Housing Trust community-directed plans for the West Southern Pines Center for African American History, Cultural Arts & Business include a world class Black heritage
cultural destination, educational and entrepreneurial opportunities



Pure Professionalism

This dedicated team of experienced professionals

utilizing their unique skills and passion to move the work of our project forward.

Meet some of our incredible leaders below.


Southern Pines Land and Housing Trust
Board Chair
Retired Army Lt. Colonel
US Census Bureau

Vincent Gordon

Vincent chairs the Southern Pines Land & Housing Trust with the vision and drive to continue the what was set by the organization's initial vision on developing the organization with experience and integrity.


Next phase: Planning and Development

The next phase is Planning and Development of the West Southern Pines Center for African American History, Cultural Arts and Business Center. With your support you are dedicated to the preservtion and continued dedication to the vision. We honor the legacy that has come before us and build for future generations.

Ways to Donate

By mail:

Southern Pines Land and Housing Trust

1650 W New York Ave, Southern Pines NC 28387


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We thank you for your continued support!



Let's Create Something Great!

I wanted to take this opportunity to update supporters of the Southern Pines Land and Housing Trust acquisition project of the former Southern Pines Primary school.  

We are pleased to announce that the  Southern Pines Land and Housing Trust has ownership of the property as of December 15th 2021.

We have brought this project a long way and met and defeated several forms of resistance. For many of the West Southern Pines residents there has never been struggle without sacrifice. This project to acquire this property took on not only the sacrifice in believing but the struggle to persist and meet the challenges head on. 

Your continued support of this project is much appreciated. Please continue to communicate the importance of this project to friends, family and neighbors as fundraising continues for the Trust. 

Thank you and God Bless,

Vincent R. Gordon


Southern Pines Land and Housing Trust



Here in our news section, you’ll find articles, opinions and the latest updates about the work Southern Pines Land and Housing Trust is helping to preserve and grow our community. The attention these articles draw is one of the best resources we have for educating the public to our cause. Take a look at our featured pieces below and let us know what you think about our efforts.




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