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On the first walk-through of the school, which was after closing of the purchase, it was discovered that Moore County Schools had left behind not only all of the Primary School's furniture, shelves, cabinets, etc., they had brought furniture and fixtures from other schools and left them at the Center.

One way these lemons were turned into lemonade, the Trust organized a donation program where picking-up was the only cost. The following pictures show from left to right:

*A flyer distributed widely to Churches, Daycares, Pre-K, Charter schools and Community non-profits.

*Taylortown Community Choir load desks and chairs.

United Way picking up some items.

*Desks and Chairs are loaded and delivered to First Missionary Baptist's after school tutoring program.

*Cubbies now serving in Aunt Sandy's Learning Center in West Southern Pines.

A diverse group of more than 15 community non-profits are enjoying a significant amount of furniture, educational materials, office equipment and supplies.

Furniture Donations: Portfolio
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