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In the school acquisition saga there came a time when the Board of Education had decided to offer to sell to the Trust only the original 4 acres encumbered by the 1924 deed's the property shall always be used for Negro education language. That decision was extremely disappointing and it would have made the viability of a just 4 acre development much more difficult.

Pastors across all of Southern Pines joined in a prayer vigil walk. A very diverse group of prayers from all of Southern Pines came together in solidarity. Soulful thanks were given and requests made.

At the next Board of Ed meeting, much to everyone's surprise, it was revealed that because of issues with the 2 campus boilers, it would cost the BOE $170,000 to sell the 4 and 13 acres separately. Divine intervention? Sure didn't hurt.

The cops tucked into the school parking lot watching the vigil was a grim reminder of the atmosphere West Southern Pines faces. What are we going to do? Really?

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