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In 1945 P. Frank Buchan acquired title to the 4+ acre parcel contiguous to the former Rosenwald/Southern Pines Primary School, now the Center. It is a historic African American cemetery. The oldest known grave is for Lena Diggs who was born in 1862. In 2017, the Southern Pines VFW Post 7318 conducted a survey and recorded the graves of 170 veterans who served in WWI and all wars since. In 1964 owner Frank Buchan dedicated Woodlawn to the West Southern Pines churches to bury their congregants. In 2020, it was discovered that this dedication was never effectuated by a deed. So in 2022, Frank Buchan's heirs deeded Woodlawn to the Southern Pines Land & Housing Trust. Woodlawn has been listed on the NC Office of Archeology's survey of historic cemeteries and its file number is 31MR446. For years the cemetery has been maintained and cared for by the West Southern Pines Garden Club.

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  • NC Office of Archaeology’ Historic Black Cemetery Registry #31MR446 

  • Woodlawn Cemetery is listed on the NC Historic Black Cemetery Registry file #31MR446

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